Information Design 

"No.14 was the home of the 4th Duke of Bedford and he and William Pitt often pounded between each other's houses in a round of political bargaining." 
"A past owner of No.26 gambled his house in a game of cards and lost. Not a single penny was transferred when the house changed hands."

This piece provides an unknown insight into the history of the houses that make up the "Circus" in Bath, which was designed by John Wood and completed in 1768.
Featuring highly detailed drawings of the building facades and arranged as if seen from the air, each house contains it's own unique fact. In addition to this, there is also additional information about the Circus in general, each with its own graphical symbols. 
The design can be presented in A0 or A1 formats and sold as souvenir posters, or displayed as a large tourist information installation.
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